[MISSION] Coaltown - Capricious Calamity

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Mission : Capricious Calamity
Map : Coaltown
Difficulty : Expert

- Myself, for making the mission (FraHtcy3)
- Valve, for the map (duh)
- Icons by their respective owners
- Any tester(s) who have previously tested and participated in testing (mainly as 5 mans, but also 3-4 mans in rare occurrences)

Mission itself :
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No strike (first run)

Judges present:

Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...78.dem.zip

W4: Add ShouldPreseveSquad for medic boss.
W5: Change GHeavy / GMed squads' MaxActive to 3 and move them to side spawns. Their current spawns are way too forgiving.
W6: Change quick ubers to full duration medics on first part. Even when every uber medic popped the subwave didnt push since their uber ran out too soon and we were able to bodyblock everything.
W7: Add a quick uber or two to common heavy squads. Commons were easily wiped by pyro. Speed up or shorten the subwave with common heavies + giant heavies since it felt a little too long.
Nuh uh
Change log:
-W4 ShouldPreserveSquad has been added on the boss part
-W5 MaxActive of GMedHeavy was switched up to 3 and their "where" has been moved to "spawnbot_giant"
-W6 T_TFBot_Medic_SlowRecharge have been assigned to GRapid soldiers. They used to have a T_TFBot_Medic_QuickUber
-W7 sliced the total amount of heavies to 50. Used to be 70. I also gave them Extended Concherors to increase the push momentum via the increased speed and the Heal-On-Hit.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k3JFThD...share_link
Judges in attendance: M1, Package, Nuke, DaMeister
Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...68.dem.zip

-Giants need to use spawnbot_giant. The walk from the normal spawnbot to the front is far too long.
-There wasn't much advantage pushing. Take notes from the feedback on wave 3.
-Crit snipers should have their icons changed to normal. There should be a few icons to represent that they headshot. The information on whether snipers are alive is more important than that they headshot, since that can be conveyed with an icon.
-Remove the music. We have our own music to listen to.

Wave 1
-The wave is mostly overreliant on uber medics.

Wave 2
-The second and third subwaves should be merged into one (bursts soldiers + bisons + demos + heavies)
-Replace the natascha heavies with regular heavies, as they end up doing very little with their low accuracy.
-The shield medics don't belong on the bisons. They're powerful enough on their own.

Wave 3
-Just outright remove the uber on the shield medics. For future reference, medics popping at a level above around 100 is too high, as it nearly guarantees a pop on anything but a crit scottish resistance demo. Not very fun.
-The shortstops aren't particularly good as advantage pushers. Try taking some notes from cataclysm wave 2/4 and use some giant heavies with uber medics, and make them spawn earlier than after everything dies.
-Tomislav heavies probably shouldn't be normal AI. Make them stock minigun.

Wave 4
-The randomchoice bots aren't balanced at all. Make sure if you use randomchoice that each bot has a similar power level.
-This first subwave hard counters pyro with all of the unapproachable giants and commons.
-The boss does absolutely nothing and should be removed.

Wave 6
-EH snipers aren't very fun. Just replace them with other snipers.

Wave 7
-The wave is mostly hitscan bots, and isn't very fun to fight.
-Replace EH snipers
-Drop GUber shield threshold to 100 or less.
-The boss isn't very interesting and is countered by strafing.
Change log:

All of the giants spawn has been moved to spawnbot_giant
All of the EH snipers been torn to oblivion (it's funny how before you no one said anything about them)
The crit sniper icons have been fixed (they weren't there in first place, it was a suggestion from one of your colleagues)
Boss music removed (I don't get the issue with that, but I removed it)

Added Shield medics to the first set of giants

The subwaves in question have been merged
Shields removed from bisons
Nataschas don't exist anymore

The Giant uber shield medics became giant shield meds.
Shortstops have been replaced to GHeavies with ubermeds, their spawn has been moved as well
Tomislavs became Sashas (stock)

The boss is removed
RandomChoice has been balanced around the bots that do pretty much the same thing

No more EH. No more 19$ cards.

Heavies Has been reduced to 30. The deflectors are stock from now on. Added a subwave with 20 common burst demos and soldiers that are RandomChoiced as well
No more EH snipers
Threshold is now 100
Boss weapon has been replaced to stock, but with same speed as the DH. It should bring back the old Expert AI movement track calculations.

The mission will be tested before resubmitting it, to check if everything works fine.
Updated version:
Change log:
W4: Added 3 Buff Banner rapid fires. Assigned 1 Popper GMed to each Burst fire soldier.
W6 : Assigned Blast + Bullet vaccinators to the Burst demos
W7 : Significantly chopped the amount of heavies. Added common rapid fire + burst soldiers

Updated version:
Change log:

Overall: After running some test sessions, I have been told that the mission is overly reliant on GMeds. After checking the wave bars, I have noticed that there are GMeds literally every single wave. Not very good, so I decided to improvise.

W3: Removed Giant Shield Medic from the Furies. They've been replaced with a combo of kritz + uber + shield commons.

W5: Removed GPoppers from the GHeavies. They're now supported with 4 armored battalions.

W6: It turned out that the vaccinators were lingers (The bubble remained on a target even after medics were killed), the issue has been fixed.

W7: Removed the Damage Bonus from boss. Full crit + blast heavy couldn't survive even with milk. The projectile speed has the default number from now on, it was basically impossible to dodge.

Updated Version:
Judges in attendance: Averagegamer, Package O' Lies, Oddschool and Skin king

Class comp:
Scout (Package O' Lies only w1, Oddschool w2 onwards)
Soldier (Averagegamer)
Pyro (Mo)
Heavy (Festive Gregarious)
Engineer (Skin king)

Demo https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...29.dem.zip

- Mission has been improved since the last judge session but does needs some adjustments and fixes

wave 2
- adjust the waitbeforestarting on dfs so they spawn a little earlier than intended (given that pairs spawn opposite sides)
- adjust the giant rapid and giant medic bots spawncount 2 and maxactive 2 or 3

wave 3
- first subwave felt like it had a bit too much bullet damage going on. Reduce a few heavies from 20 down to 10 and bowman 24 down to 12 that spawn during the first subwave and replace them with soldiers to add more variety to the subwave than just bullet type damage

wave 4
- first subwave for both G buff and G shotgun needs to be spaced out due to lots of stacking inbetween
- first subwaves could also use non-airblast normal ai pyros
- also move the direct hit soldiers to support limited as roughly 12 was straggling

wave 5
- weird payout with it being 595 credits (not counting bonus) and it seems a bit too short. Maybe buff it a bit to 105 credits (which totals the payout from 595 to 700 credits)
- also give the super scouts a Totalcurrency since they dropped no credits
- fix the batts template as it was missing and didn't spawn at all (leaderboard_class_undefinied)
- the 5 burst demos didn't really do much other than just add one extra type of bot to shoot at

wave 6 (most of the wave was good except for final subwave)
- fix vac templates as they not only resisted 100% damage but they also persist after vac meds are dead
- the vac meds were just called medic. Rename the vac meds to their respective res
- remove the last 3 giant burst and vac meds as they straggled after tank was destroyed

wave 7
-  final boss felt a bit too effective and be could toned down as it felt like it was doing too much damage very quickly. Remove the "bullets per shot bonus" stat so it reduces the rockets fired down to 1 which effectively reduces it's damage by half
Change log:

WaitBeforeStarting is now 5, used to 15
The SpawnCount, MaxActive have been adjusted to the given values

Added 12 sollies
Removed 12 bowmen. Used to be 24

Added 24 Normal AI non AB pyros
DH Sollies became supports (Tho the reason why they were straggling was due to the same spawncount as the maxactive)
Tried to space out the Shotguns and GRapidBuffs by juggling with the WaitBeforeStarting and WaitBetweenSpawns. IDK how it'll turn out

Removed the 5 burst demos
The payout was affected because the Armored Batts were gone to the store to get the milk for some reason. I'll try to fix that
Gave the Supers some cash, by snatching some % from other bots
UPD: For some reason, when you upload the template file to a server, it doesn't replicate to the other servers, but the mission does. You played with an old file of mine on an US server, but it was updated on EU.

Removed the last 3 GRaBursts
Fixed the vaccs (God this bots work so fucking weird, you need to give them the stock medigun and override it so it acts like a Vacc)
Vaccs were renamed to their respectful resistance

Removed the "bullets per shot bonus"
Changed the icon, cause the boss doesn't imitate DH anymore

I'll make sure to check if the Vaccs and Armored Batts are on the mission and working correctly before submitting to judge.

Updated version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k3JFThD...share_link
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