[MISSION] Rottenburg - Cybernetic Carnage

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Mission name: Cybernetic Carnage
Map: Rottenburg
Difficulty: Advanced

Mission by oddschool
Map by Valve
Custom icons by various authors

.pop   mvm_rottenburg_adv_cybernetic_carnage.pop (Size: 31.31 KB / Downloads: 75)
Nuh uh
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Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...27.dem.zip

Wave 1: Snip 3 heavies (re-test to confirm)
Wave 2: Pacing for giants is off (re-test to confirm)
Wave 3: Pacing for giants is off (re-test to confirm)
Wave 4: Giant medic squads should come throughout the wave, not all at the end (don't assume the team will always hold the arch)
Wave 5: Remove support pyros, pace the giant medic squads better.
Wave 6: Remove support fury pyros (can make wave 5's support pyros dragon fury perhaps)
Wave 7: Delete, this isn't expert mode

Support needs some variety. Wave 3-6 had infinite pyro support, and wave 4-7 all had spy support.

If you insist on keeping most of the waves as they are, then you either need to issue bigrock-level payouts (total $7000-7500) or re-brand the mission as expert and buff accordingly.
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-Wave 1: Removed 3 straggling heavies.
-Wave 2: Increased giant soldier WaitBetweenSpawns to 13.
-Wave 3: Increased payout from 950 to 1100. Removed support medics.
-Wave 4: Changed last 2 giant medics to non-popping ones. Changed pyro support to scout support. Lowered mission support DesiredCount. Removed AlwaysCrit from giant dragons fury pyros.
-Wave 5: Changed giant medic squads' MaxActive to 3. Changed pyro support to soldier support. Removed spy mission support.
-Wave 6: Increased payout from 1050 to 1300. Lowered mission support DesiredCount.
-Wave 7: Lowered mission support DesiredCount. Changed laser wall squads to MaxActive 3.

I'm hoping that in future runs you would have the correct amount of players for each difficulty, which I believe is 5 for advanced.

.pop   mvm_rottenburg_adv_cybernetic_carnage.pop (Size: 31 KB / Downloads: 49)
Nuh uh
Judges present: None

Demo file: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...06.dem.zip

Many of the same problems still remain.

Wave 2: Giants take forever to come out after destroying the tank, and when they do come out, they come out all at once.
Wave 3: Giants again are all stacking at once at the end. No pacing.
Wave 4: Giants still spawn too fast even if we hold the arch. No time to catch a break.
Wave 5: Again terrible giant medic spam near the end of the wave.
Wave 7: Again, all the giants (crit bisons) stack at once near the end.

Wave 6 had good pacing with the giant spawns (giant heavies + shotguns). Replicate a similar spawn pacing on the other waves. You could try a very short (5 s?) WaitBetweenSpawns and let the MaxActive throttle the giant spawns so that both a spawncamping team can kill them quickly and a team stuck far back can still cope with the onslaught reasonably. Limit to no more than 2 giant squads active at once.

Asides from the giants congregating too much near the end of almost every wave, the mission is fine.
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Wave 2: Increased giant soldiers' WaitBetweenSpawns from 13 to 17 and changed MaxActive from 4 to 3. Made giant pyros spawn at once.
Wave 3: Increased giant soldier combos' WaitBetweenSpawns from 10 to 15 and WaitBeforeStarting from 5 to 10 and lowered TotalCount from 12 to 9.
Wave 4: Increased giant dragon's fury sets' WaitBetweenSpawns from 10 to 15. Increased both WaitBetweenSpawns and WaitBeforeStarting of 3 final giant sets from 15 to 18 and changed MaxActive of soldier + medic combos from 4 to 3.
Wave 5: Removed 2 sets of giant soldier + giant medics that spawn from flankers.
Wave 7: Removed 2 sets of laser wall + giant medics that spawn from flankers and added a 3rd set to spawn from spawnbot.

.pop   mvm_rottenburg_adv_cybernetic_carnage.pop (Size: 28.77 KB / Downloads: 43)
Nuh uh
I just realized that I previously posted a broken popfile. Here is the fixed one.

I also did some minor balancing tweaks and improved pacing on a few waves again.

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Nuh uh
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NO STRIKE (1st run)
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...93.dem.zip


Wave 2:
-Increase max active on the soldiers

Wave 3:
-Increase max active on the giant bursts

Wave 4:
-Switch around the order of the giants in the final subwave and buff it

Wave 5:
-Make engineers spawn faster
-Give Claid to G Knights

Wave 7:
-Buff the finale
If I had a dollar everytime I had a dollar I would have 2 had a dollar, which isn't a had a dollar but it's had a dollar that it happened had a dollar.
Wave 2: Increased MaxActive on Giant Soldiers
Wave 3: Removed 1 Battalion Soldier from GBurst squad to not get limited by bot cap
Wave 4: Made GBursts spawn before GHeavy and made their GMedics pop.
Wave 5: Doubled support engis' MaxActive and slightly lowered WaitBetweenSpawns. Gave GKnights claid.
Wave 7: Removed 3rd Laser Wall squad. Added AlwaysCrit for Laser walls and turned their GKritz to GPopper medics. Slightly increased support MaxActive

Nuh uh
Judges Present: Yoovy, DaMno, oddschool, Nuq

Demo File: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...56.dem.zip

No Strike

Scout (Yoovy)
Pyro (Nuq)
Engineer (oddschool)
Heavy (DaMno)

Wave 1
-Felt Fine

Wave 2
-Felt Fine

Wave 3
-Felt Fine

Wave 4
-Convert Giant Popping Medics to Giant Regen Medics
-Space the GSoldier+GRegen squads a bit further behind the GHeavy+GRegen

Wave 5
-Felt Fine

Wave 6
-Give the Dragon's Fury Pyros a MaxVisionRange of somewhere between 500-600

Wave 7
-Give the Dragon's Fury Pyros a MaxVisionRange of somewhere between 500-600
-Give the Giant Rapid Fire Demomen ClassIcon demo_rapid
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Wave 4: spaced out last giant sets and made giant medics regen
Wave 6: added MaxVisionRange 600 to df pyros
Wave 7: added MaxVisionRange 600 to df pyros. changed giant demo icon to demo_spammer_giant.

Nuh uh

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