[Mission] Sharp - Maroon Mist

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Mission Name: Maroon Mist
Map: Sharp
Difficulty: Expert

Mission Maker: Quantum Apple
Map Maker: dexc34

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Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...16.dem.zip

Team Comp:
Izzy (Soldier)
DaMeister (Heavy) (Judge)
subterranean autism (Demoman) (Judge)
M1 (Engineer) (Judge)
DaMno (Scout) (Judge)

Remove tank or put it earlier, it just feels out of place this late as it is extending the wave where there is nothing to fight

Either replace or rework gas pyros, they are the biggest offenders of the wave, 20 dmg/s without any clear indication is very dangerous.

Replace GBonks with Super Scouts or perhaps Giant Scouts? As for now they are pretty annoying to fight as we just get pushed for free, you could decrease bonk recharge rate maybe?

Replace samurais, they are too much of a threat with this support and quantity or just remove them

Vaccinators are very weak this late with this much money and the difficulty, replace them with umeds

This wave is pretty underwhelming, it offers nothing but mindless giant spam
Abandoned. Was not enjoying mission making on sharp.

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