[MAP] Jungleworks

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Map name : Jungleworks (may change later)
Current Version : Beta 1

Credits :
Alox for the reskin and fixes/enhancements
Valve for the oc map

Relays :

Wave Start :

Wave Finish : 
bombpath_wavefinished (Random path for next wave)
bombpath_wavefinished_left (Left path for next wave)
bombpath_wavefinished_right (Right path for next wave)

Spawnbot :

spawnbot_lower (no longer works!!!)

New Spawnbot :
spawnbot_carrier (spawn in the carrier, no giant)
spawnbot_cave (spawn in the cascade cavern, no giant)

spawnbot_passtank_left (only use it if a tank has previously destroyed the left wood barrier)
spawnbot_passtank_right (only use it if a tank has previously destroyed the right wood barrier)

New Features/Fixes
- Remade the whole artpass to get a summer vibe
- Added godspots prevention for engineer buildings and snipers on fences/rocks/trees such as trigger_push and trigger_hurt
- Improved clipping/nav 
- Added a front upgrade station
- Added/Moved Ammo/Heal pickups at left path
- Added Engibot hints
- Added new relays and spawnbot
- Fixed Tank crushing spot near spawn
- Added a lot of func_nobuild (probably missed some spots)
- Fixed being able to build in spawn
- Fixed medics being rarely stuck at the spawnbot_right

Notes :
- The artpass kept some detailling from mannworks, such has building shapes, I didnt wanted to fully revamp them and keep some of his original design
- The nav may be not good as it is right now, I tried to improve it but not sure of the result, its fully working but not flawless

Download :

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