[MISSION] Coaltown - Capricious Calamity

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Change log:

Overall: This change log is the result of testing the mission with people before judging it. Some of the suggested changes made some waves way too rough, and had to readjust some of them. Remember kids, always test your mission before submitting it to judge, even if you did everything that you've been told. Some changes may make stuff worse sometimes, if not done correctly.

-The wave was very weak for an expert. The tank has been moved to the beggining of the subwave. The Giant Charged Soldiers become Giant Black Box Soldiers

-Increasing the MaxActive of the GRapids made the wave very rough. They have a WBS of 30 from now on.
-The bisons seemed to be overkill. They're moved to beggining. Their SpawnCount was halved, and a WBS of 3 seconds was added.

-Halved the TotalCount of heavies and pyros and their MaxActive as well. They've managed to hit the 22 M.A floor, and the GShotgun Heavies weren't spawning how they were supposed to be, what made the wave to straggle.

-The wave was a 2 min Tanks Busting Simulator with a very overkill finale. The tanks are now removed.
-Removed the melee demos. They're replaced with 30 buff banners

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