[Mission] Mannworks - Object Overflow

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Pass with changes
Judges Present: eyes, DaMno, Frahtcy
Demo: https://eu-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...28.dem.zip

Class Composition:
Scout (Frah)
Soldier (DaMno, with stock)
Pyro (Mo)
Engineer (eyes)

Wave 3:
-Make the melee Bonk Scouts into scattergun Bonk Scouts for a bit of extra power

Wave 4:
-Give the Giant Scouts a 50% damage bonus for a bit of extra power

Wave 5:
-Finale is a bit overtuned, we only didn't lose at the ending because we used *tons* of bodyblocking, could maybe remove the last Giant Heavy and last 2 Giant Pyros and space out their spawns a bit more so they don't get too overwhelming
[Image: image.png]
V5 Changelog:

- Melee bonks changed to scattergun bonks

- Gscouts given 1.5 damage bonus

- Changed deagle icon to non-hyper
- Changed colonels to gburst soldiers
- Increased WaitBetweenSpawns of gheavies and gdf pyros from 13 -> 15

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V5.1 Changelog

- Removed some unused templates
- Gave armored bots slight knockback resist

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We think the last wave may be a bit too much for randoms to deal with. After this mission ships, the staff should watch the global stats to see if the last wave needs to be toned down. It's not serious enough that the mission needs changes, but it's something to keep an eye on.
V6 Changelog

- Ported to jungleworks_b3

- locked to right path
- Gave shortstops knockback resistance

- locked to left path
- Gas pyros and gheavies spawn from right tank spawn

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Updated to jungleworks b4

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Updated to rc1

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V6.1 Changelog

Scoreboard now only shows mission name

Updated credits to properly credit Alox

- changed EOI gas icon

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