[MISSION] Dockyard - Overkill

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Mission Name: Overkill
Map: mvm_dockyard_rc7
Difficulty: Expert

Package O' Lies: Waves 1,3,5, and 7
Eyes: Wave 6, giant soldier icon on wave 2
Hellblade: Waves 2, and (formerly)4
Icon makers: various Icons.
Sntr: for making the map

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First judge run of this mission, so no strke.

Judge Lineup: Ciaran, DaMeister, oddschool

Class Composition:
Scout (oddschool)
Soldier (Ciaran)
Pyro (Package)
Hybrid Knight*  Huh (Skin King)
Heavy (DaMeister)
Engineer (Mudun)

* = We ran hybrid knight first run but then retested W1 with the Demo on stickies.

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...58.dem.zip

- Replace mittens with something stronger. A suggestion from DaMeister is replacing them with Bonk Scouts.
- In my opinion, you could probably slap uber medics on the giant brass beasts though don't do this AND bonk scouts. Test it to see how it goes with bonk scouts then add the meds if it's still weak.
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been a while since judging has been done

Wave 1
- Replaced giant deflector heavy with a colonel, increased number of umeds squadded with it to 5

Wave 2
- nerfed reload speed, removed crit on kill, and reduced clip size of rocketstorm soldiers.
- Reworked 2nd and 3rd subwaves

Wave 3
- Removed umeds on grapids
- Decreased payout by 100

Wave 4
- Reworked enough of the wave that listing the changes would be incredibly tedious

Wave 5
- Reworked 2nd subwave

Wave 6
- Buffed significantly
- payout reduced by 200

Wave 7
- Reduced boss hp by 2.5k
- Decreased payout by 200

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Judges present: Myself, M1, CreatorForce

Team comp: Heavy, Scout, Soldier, Engineer, Demoman

Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...49.dem.zip

Long time for the judging hasn't it? Overall, the first few waves had little in terms of what to stop the team and later down the line the waves became spammier. Since it's high cash there really isn't much to go on with it but the first few waves in particular need a lot of tuning.


- A slight cash reduction should be imposed. It felt like we had all the liberty to just hug the bots and go on with the mission like it was an advanced (Keep in mind, there were no crit or uber canteens used, and it was still a relatively smooth sail across majority of the waves)

- Mission Support on early waves should help out the bots to have some disruption to other classes that fulfil their roles exceptionally well. Wave 6 is more notoriously lack mission support (albeit it is a spammy wave), and don't be afraid to add some onto them.


- Nothing but explosive classes. There was very little in terms of what you had to avoid other than the very little hitscan and pyros present. Consider bumping those numbers up a notch for hitscan and maybe add some Pyros onto it as well if you so desire.

- While the wave was mostly blast oriented, it also had very little stopping power. Something like Kritzkrieg medics would suit some bots really well to have some "oomf" to them, either type of bot (gate or bomb bots) can use some of that support.


- While there are gate bots, some of them are poorly executed, since their purpose would be more suited for being a bomb bot. Consider adding some bots that will prove to be a threat to capture the gate.

- Lack of hitscan and Pyros present. It would be very nice to mix and shake things up a bit with them, since it's more or less bland and lack of pushing power on the bots that are on that said wave.

- The gauntlets + demo sets shouldn't spawn on the right, since they basically take an eternity to rotate to the bomb, making them essentially stalled targets. Just a movement on their spawn to either middle or left would be just fine.


- The first tank should be more suited for it to capture the gate rather than go directly for the hatch, since it really doesn't punish teams with little tank busting capabilities. You could simply set it to be a gate tank so then it enforces its importance in that subwave.

- The wave was once again lacking power, since there was very little threat present and the players could seemingly be able to walk around freely without being punished. Consider adding some hitscan and Mission Support Snipers to punish that ignorance.


- A constant theme with very little power from the bots, let alone any support for the giants. Consider adding some uber meds on some of them, either type would work up to this point and beyond.

- I know that this is more of a repetitive thing but this wave could also use some hitscan and Pyros, since it's simply blast that you primarily need to worry about the most.


These waves both felt like a finale and it's more or less of a "throw bots into your face and hope it pushes (and works)" type of deal.

- There was very lack of care let alone thought put into these waves, since they basically make your brain turn off especially with that much cash in tact. While I do think it is interesting, the waves themselves felt dull. While there was some form of direction that the wave did have, the point is to simply make them more of a ramp-up to the finale itself, since that whole wave is what you're building up for; a finale.

- Rather than outright reworking both waves, you can reduce the spam and focus on bots that have the capability of potentially being able to kill teams well rather than hoping that spam would suffice enough versus players (essentially concentrating said bots' power but with less TotalCount. Severity > Spam tldr). Spicing the waves up with custom bots (while not being effectively cancer to fight against) can provide the waves very good care and feeling, just be sure to make them fun and not aids to fight midway through the mission.


- While it was fine, the same can be (sort of) said for this wave as well. The usage of bots were fine on this cash, but consider to also think of a way to make good firepower concentrated instead of it being overly spammy.

This idea is VERY experimental, and should be considered on what subwave it should be added (or not at all even).

- A very botbashy thing, but the wave itself can use support medics. The bots in the end have an extremely well amounts of firepower, but lack a bit of that "support" if you'd will.
[Image: yjlNbE5.jpeg]
Overkill v3


Overall: made so many changes that making an actual changelog would take way too much time.

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Demo: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...53.dem.zip

Judges Present: Yoovy, DaMeister, Ciaran, Erikku, the fat

Scout (Yoovy)
Soldier (Erikku)
Demoman (Ciaran)
Engineer (the fat)
Heavy (DaMeister)

-2nd part could use a little more hmph (Yoovy)

-Support felt easy, Mittens could possibly replaced the with Crit Bat Scouts (Ciaran)
-Shotgun Heavies can be something stronger

-Felt Fine

-Felt Fine

-Felt Fine

-Switch the 2nd Giant Conch + GMedic to the middle, it being flanking with crit scouts, and super scouts is already hard enough (Yoovy)
-Last part is a shitfest of GMedics and Tanks on hatch, maybe replace GMedics with Quick-Uber Medics (Yoovy)

-The Crit+Giant spam real, there were multiple times in this wave alone where there were many Crit Giants, Ubers, all with some form of damage bonus with MULTIPLE tanks, this wave overall needs to be a bit toned down, not sure what the last judge team suggested but jesus they butchered this last wave (Yoovy)
-Chief boss was fine for the most part.
Overkill v4:


Wave 1: increased maxactive and spawnrate on last subwave support

Wave 2: replaced shotgun heavies with hard ai pyros (airblast disabled)
Replaced holiday heavies with crit gru heavies.

Wave 3: Slightly increased 2nd tank hp.

Wave 4-5: unchanged

Wave 6: increased boss damage and fire rate (fuck heavy), gsoldiers are now all main spawn, first gmed now pops, removed first gscout squad, reduced tank hp by 1k each.

wave 7: Slightly decreased boss hp and increased first tank hp, removed hyper soldiers, made multiple changes to improve pacing.

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Judges in attendance: Averagegamer, Package O' Lies, Ciaran, Erikku, M1

Class comp:
Scout (Package O' Lies)
Soldier (Ciaran)
Demoman (M1)
Heavy (Erikku)
Engineer (Averagegamer)

Demo link: https://us-testing.moonlight.tf:27107/de...66.dem.zip

This mission will be featured in the next event, congratulations!
"final" update:

Overall: Gave all bots with an "x on kill" gimmick + both bosses killstreak weapons
Gave some bots cosmetics

W1: Fixed the common deathball incident of May 30th 2022.

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Final update part 2:

w7: Moved spies to support Limited to fix a map related softlock (thanks Mo)

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