[MAP] Jungleworks

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Map name : Jungleworks (may change later)
Current Version : Beta 1

Credits :
Alox for the reskin and fixes/enhancements
Valve for the oc map

Relays :

Wave Start :

Wave Finish : 
bombpath_wavefinished (Random path for next wave)
bombpath_wavefinished_left (Left path for next wave)
bombpath_wavefinished_right (Right path for next wave)

Spawnbot :

spawnbot_lower (no longer works!!!)

New Spawnbot :
spawnbot_carrier (spawn in the carrier, no giant)
spawnbot_cave (spawn in the cascade cavern, no giant)

spawnbot_passtank_left (only use it if a tank has previously destroyed the left wood barrier)
spawnbot_passtank_right (only use it if a tank has previously destroyed the right wood barrier)

New Features/Fixes
- Remade the whole artpass to get a summer vibe
- Added godspots prevention for engineer buildings and snipers on fences/rocks/trees such as trigger_push and trigger_hurt
- Improved clipping/nav 
- Added a front upgrade station
- Added/Moved Ammo/Heal pickups at left path
- Added Engibot hints
- Added new relays and spawnbot
- Fixed Tank crushing spot near spawn
- Added a lot of func_nobuild (probably missed some spots)
- Fixed being able to build in spawn
- Fixed medics being rarely stuck at the spawnbot_right

Notes :
- The artpass kept some detailling from mannworks, such has building shapes, I didnt wanted to fully revamp them and keep some of his original design
- The nav may be not good as it is right now, I tried to improve it but not sure of the result, its fully working but not flawless

Download :
Map name : Jungleworks
Current Version : Beta 2

Changelog :
- Removed barbed wires
- Rocks func_push are now func_nobuild triggers
- Fixed being able to build on the spawn roof (near the red pipe)
- Fixed being able to build on the red ramp near front (insta buster bug)
- Fixed being able to stand on the tank wood barrier
- Red pipes in the sky are now no solid and doesnt have a clip anymore (exept the red cross support)
- Fixed spawnbot_passtank* bug where medics could be stuck (technicly, need to test to see if its works now, not sure due their weird behavior)
- Opened the front upgrade station building window to allow players/bots to shoot through
- Added a balcony for sniper bots in the building near hatch
- Texture tweaks
- Lighting tweaks
- Nav tweaks

Download :
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Map name : Jungleworks
Current Version : Beta 3

Changelog :
- Fixed weird lighting on some props
- Fixed nav_avoid not working correctly
- Changed a lot of pickups size
- Fixed not being able to shoot through a window near the hatch
- The front upgrade station gate now slide instead of appear/disappear
- Nav tweaks

Download :
Map name : Jungleworks
Current Version : Beta 4

Changelog :
- Removed a part of the middle building near hatch to enhance the area
- Fixed front upgrade station gate going through the ground
- Changed few pickups size
- Modified the ground under the water pool at front (not sure if its correctly fixed now, but its the last time im touching this since its not really bothering at my opinion)
- Fixed floating props
- Details tweaks
- Clip tweaks
- Nav tweaks

Download :
Map name : Jungleworks
Current Version : Beta 5

Changelog :
- Fixed leaks on dispacements at front
- Modified dispacment geometry near hatch
- Nav tweaks

Download :
Map name : Jungleworks
Current Version : RC1

Changelog :
- Unclipped the rock near the hatch
- Fixed lighting on a spytech prop at spawn
- Nav tweaks

Download :

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