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Full Version: [MISSION] Havana - Fishermans Fury
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Mission Name: Fishermans Fury
Map: Havana
Difficulty: Advanced
Current Version: v1

A+drew: for making wave 1
Package O' Lies: for making wave 2
Skin King: for making wave 3
Bobby BodyOdor: map creator
V2 Change Logs

added uber medics on giant kgb heavies
made the heavies spawn a bit later
replaced shotgun heavies with easy skill heavies
replaced giant soldiers with charged soldiers

Replaced alwaysfire pyros with normal ai pyros (airblast disabled)
Added an extra gburst in the minigiant huntsman section.
Gbursts in kritz subwave spawn faster
Replaced some pyros with detonator pyros
Removed 7 conch soldiers
Last gheavy spawns earlier
Spies and snipers have their cooldown reduced to 40 seconds

there be a fish scout bomb runner now
added 1 more super scout
replaced kgb heavy support with soldier support

Package - Scout
Average - Engie
Hellblade - Pyro
Creator - Soldier
Crosse - Demo
Mission: Fisherman Fury
By: Andrew (W1), Package (W2), Skin King (W3).


Failed Wave 1 once. (Pushed)
Failed Wave 2 twice. (To scouts)

Wave 1:

First subwave: soldier commons were rather deadly for pyros. You can try making them easy skill?

Second subwave: Is fine

Third subwave: Make the deflector giants regular giants.

Optional: Reduce support common after like a few spawns since they don't really do much.
Optional: Maybe nerf the heavies damage atm because they like to spread out and gun at far ranges.

Wave 2:

Subwave 1 Optional:
Optinal: Maybe reduce the firerate but increase damage of the heavy cos of the knockback being really annoying for many classes.

Subwave 2:
Experiment with reducing the health of the rapidfire bowsman if u want to keep medic since the entire subwave has really heavy health. 4.2k health colonel barrage, 1.2k Rapidfire Bowman with quick uber meds. and Detontor pyros as commons.
The med picking was also quite brutal at this level since we had to focus on deadly giants and bulky sub-giants.

Subwave 3 optional:
Remove the support of the scouts so that the team can focus more on the heavy med combo.

Map Issue: Snipers were sitting at the front and not doing much

Wave 3:
"I don't like Captain Poot" -Creator

This wave overall is good but I feel like issues can only be sniffed out in actual judging.

Conclusion: Relatively descent mission however there are some things that I would want the mission makers to take note:

-Give more advantages to classes such as pyro.
-Support commons at the end of the waves didn't really accomplish much other than accompanying the already strong giants with the exception of Captain Poot.

But also consider that our team wasn't exactly the best but I believe that this mission is very close to being passable so keep up the good work!
V3 Fishermans Fury

Change Logs

made giant rapid fire spawn 5 seconds later
made giant deflectors giant heavies

Removed 1 gburst from gburst subwave
Replaced rapid fire bowmen with heavies, subwave following gburst subwave starts later
Giant sandman scouts now wait for all detonator pyros to die rather than spawn
Reduced number of support scouts
Final gheavy squad spawns earlier
replace giant medic with giant regen medic

removed boss
added a second tank and both of them have 30k hp 2nd one spawn 20 seconds after the first
made crit demos support limited
In case needed, as this is a pass.

Judges present: Myself, WildJaydogG03, eyes

Demo :

There are no glaring issues as to what we have seen. Overall, this mission had nothing to change as far as we're certain, and was fun to play on.

As of today, this mission will be passed to the main judges.
no strike

Demo Link:

Judges in attendance: randomguy, Poet, CreatorForce

w1: was fine, maybe increase time between umed gheavies

w2: was fine, increase time between gmed gheavies

w3: finale was too much, i recommend chaning the support so it's weaker.
V4 Fishermans Fury

Change Logs

added an extra 5 seconds before the 2nd giant heavy spawn

added 8 more seconds for the 2nd giant deflector heavy and giant regen medic spawn
made the conch soldiers and giant sandman scouts spread out a bit

Removed crits on support demomans
Judges in attendance: M1, Erikku, Poet
Demo link:

-The map wasn't very fun, so this will influence the results marginally.
-The mission is very overreliant on common bots: at times, it felt like my brain had shut off while playing the mission, and it just wasn't engaging whatsoever. I only had to think about what I was doing on occasion.
-The waves didn't feel like they were endurance-length; perhaps an increase of about 50% in length would do.
-Mission support should be absolutely mandatory for endurance waves (relevant to waves 1 and 3)

Wave 1
-The heavy with uber medics is too well-supported, and the second heavy comes rather quickly. It should be either one or the other with the large amount of support bots or the doubling up of the giant heavies.

Wave 2
-The ending with the giant scouts dragged on long past when the heavies were dead.

Wave 3
-The final tanks were almost entirely unsupported and were way too beefy for what little they accomplish. Put some of that power into the bots.
V5 Fishermans Fury
yes yes yes its back

Change Logs

Map: bots flanking around fixed, bots getting stuck on a few crates/boxs fixed

General: Added sniper support on wave 1 and spy support on wave 3

replaced giant kgb heavies with giant shotgun heavies and removed uber medics
First subwave removed soldiers, replaced flare pyros with detonator pyros, maxactive 8, spawncount 4 and totalcount 24
added another subwave between 1st and 2nd subwaves
made the giant soldier/pyro subwave maxactive 6 instead of 4
made the 3rd subwave waitforalldead because spam
Gave Giant Demoman BehaviorModifiers so no stacking moment
increased the waitbetweentime on giant heavies to 23 seconds
replaced demoman support with bat scouts

Fixed straggling
Partially reworked 2nd to last subwave
increased waitbeforestarting on gdelfectors
Added 2 giant scouts to first subwave
Giant sandmans in 2nd to final subwave spawn faster

new last sub wave comprising of crit colonels and giant BB
replaced small heavies with 3 giant heavies
made demoman non support limited
Judges in attendance: M1, Mo, Erikku, Poet
Demo link:

Wave 2
-The two heavies spawned too closely together. Apparently, this is a popfile issue, so fix this before submitting the next version.
-The wave is pretty short, and could use an extra subwave for padding.

Wave 3
-The bots are relatively alone, and as a result disintegrate under the power of multiple players with high damage weapons. It'd be best to split the players with tanks or to use medics to support the bots.
-Spies would be good for the wave.
-The black boxes at the end are out of place and should be a stronger bot for the cash level.
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